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Have you submitted your #LunchFail yet? You still have plenty of time to chime in with your greatest account of a lunch gone wrong.  ...
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Go Outside and Play Winners!

Our Go Outside and Play summer promo has come to a close. We would like to thank everyone who entered and give a big congratulations to our 3 winners Ashley, Collette, and...
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Grimm's Yours Naturally Expansion

We are pleased to announce some new products to the Grimm’s Yours Naturally line!  Look for our European Wieners, Pepperoni, Bavarian Original and Honey & Garlic Smokies...


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Go Outside and Play Winners!

Our Grimm's team personally delivered camping gear prize packages to the three lucky winners of this Summer's Go Outside and Play Contest!
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All You Need For Game Day!

Grey Cup is quickly approaching and our homes are soon to be filled with football fans of all ages.  Game days should be spent with company, gathered around the television ...

The fine art of sausage making

Sausage making is a Grimm’s family tradition that spans many generations. It combines the best of Old World practices with modern techniques to achieve a full-bodied flavour...

Keep your family safe

The improper handling, preparation and storage of food can cause foodborne illness, more commonly known as food poisoning. Good hygiene practices before, during and after...