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Avoiding Lunch Fails

Busy Mom, To Do List

It’s Monday evening, today you’ve managed to get the kids ready for school and out the door, make it to the office for back to back meetings, pick the kids up from school, drive one child to soccer practice, drive the other to dance class, pick them both up, prepare dinner, help with homework, and do bedtime routines. You are amazing. 

Now it is the end of the night and you just want to sit down and take a moment for yourself. 

Mom Relaxing

The only problem is tomorrow’s another day and the kids need nutritious school lunches packed and ready to go in the morning. 


Whether you’re prepping tomorrow at the end of a chaotic day or scrambling in the morning to get out the door, it can be very stressful trying to create something healthy and also tasty to ensure it won’t be carted home at the end of the day. Don’t worry; Grimm’s has got you covered.  We’ve put together a few winning combinations packed with protein, fruits & vegetables to take the pressure off planning and keep busy kids of all ages going all day. 

Carrots, Ham & cheese sandwich, grapes, cookies, Garlic Sausage, juice 

Kids lunch, school lunch, ham sandwich, snacks

Crackers, cheese, fruit & veggies, Mini Peps, granola bar, pudding 

School Lunch Ideas, Crackers & Cheese, Mini Peps

Roast Beef sandwich, fruit, trail mix, cookies, chocolate milk, water  

School Lunch Ideas, Roast Beef Sandwich, Pickles

Salad, Turkey sandwich, Naturally Fermented Pickles 

School Lunch Idea, Turkey Sandwich, Pickles

Turkey Wrap, crackers, Turkey Pepperoni, raisins, apple, juice box 

School Lunch Ideas, Turkey Wrap, Turkey Pepperoni

Cheese & crackers, veggies, Beef Jerky, water 

Kids Lunches, School Lunches, Beef Jerky, Cheese

Pastrami sandwich, fruit, Pepperoni, granola bar, sports drink 

School Lunches, Kids Lunches, Sandwich, Pepperoni

Submit your favourite lunch combinations and help others build nutritious go-to lunches and combat lunch fails! 


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