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Home Style Roast Beef, Fried Onion & Horseradish Sandwich

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This sandwich is loaded with tender and juicy slices of Home Style Roast Beef, fried onions and the unmistakable kick of horseradish. 

We love sandwiches because they are quick and filled with so many flavours and food groups. Oh, and the combinations are really endless, which lends itself well to creativity!
(You can read more about our love for sandwiches here.)

Here we’ve dressed up the classic roast beef sandwich and turned it into gourmet creation packed with rich and sharp flavours that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. 

Roast Beef Sandwich, Roast Beef, Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Deli Meat, Recipe

Have you ever noticed that roast beef sandwiches tend to be lacking in the vegetable department? Us too! So we added in slices of ripe roma tomatoes and a handful of peppery arugula to compliment the other ingredients and bump up the nutritional value.

We started out by slicing our tomatoes and onions and placing the onions in a pan with a small bit of butter to fry into a nice golden brown colour.  In a side bowl mix together horseradish, mayo and a little olive oil to create a sauce that can be drizzled. 

 Something about the smell of onions frying just kick starts your appetite! 

Grimm's Fine Foods, Grimm's, Recipe, Roast Beef Sandwich

Once the onions are done frying you’re nearly ready to sit down and enjoy your meal.

Spread Dijon mustard on one side of your preferred bread, we used a fluffy white Kaiser roll for ours.
Then load the sandwich up with a generous portion of roast beef. Place tomatoes, fried onions and arugula on top of the meat. Finally, drizzle the horseradish mayo mixture over the arugula and press the two sides together.


Grimm's, Recipe, Sandwich, Roast Beef, Deli Meat, Grimm's Fine Foods

Voila! You have yourself one of the best tasting roast beef sandwiches you’ve ever had.

Ingredients for one sandwich:

4-5 Slices of Grimm's Home Style Roast Beef
1 Kaiser Roll
3 Sliced of Tomatoes 
1/4 Cup Onions (Chopped)
Handful of Arugula 
1 tsp. Dijon Mustard 
1 tbsp. Horseradish 
1 tbsp. Mayo 
1/2 tsp. Olive Oil 

What did you think of the horseradish and roast beef combination? What is your favourite flavour combination to put together?

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