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From PB&J to Banh Mi

Grimm's Deli Sandwich

Lunchtime today has us thinking about one of our favourite foods…

We thought we’d share our thoughts with you on the one food that lends itself to an endless list of ingredients, can be found at breakfast lunch or dinner, in a preschooler’s lunch bag or an executive’s briefcase and is enjoyed around the world.

Sandwiches are a timeless classic that evolve with us throughout our lives. Do you remember sitting in preschool with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed with love by mom? Or enjoying a Sloppy Joe in the cafeteria with new found friends at summer camp? Flash forward; you’re probably sending your own kids off in the morning with a ham sandwich and a hug, or ordering a gourmet creation off the menu at a lunch meeting. 

Grimm's Deli Sub Sandwich

There are infinite ways to customize this staple, and as this article from the Thrillest shows it doesn’t matter where you live there’s nothing more comforting and no better way to enjoy multiple food groups in one bite than a sandwich!

Sandwiches pack big flavour into simple to create recipes that you can eat with your hands! (No fork? No problem!) We thoroughly enjoy experimenting in the Grimm’s kitchen with countless combinations. Whether it is a savoury and sour Rueben with Pastrami, Swiss and Sauerkraut on Rye or sweet and gooey Smoked Turkey, Brie and Avocado with Cranberry Mayo on gluten free bread, we are always keeping our eyes open for recipes that make our mouths water. 


Reuben with Naturally Fermented Grimm's Sauerkraut

What is your favourite type of sandwich and why? Does it spark feelings of nostalgia? Is it that delicious creation made from holiday left overs? Or perhaps is it a lunch time favourite picked up from the deli down the road. All this talk of sandwiches has left us feeling inspired.

We’ve decided to challenge ourselves in the kitchen to come up with monthly sandwich recipes to share with you, we would love to hear your suggestions on what to make next!


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