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Welcome to the official Grimm’s Blog, a way for us to share with our extended family the things that matter most to us. Here we will keep you up to date with the latest Grimm’s news and share with you ideas and thoughts that we find noteworthy. We pride ourselves on providing quality product made using time tested family recipes, as well as running our business based on strong family values. We invite you to comment and let us know what matters to you and what you would like to see more of. We hope that you will follow along as we work towards growing the Grimm’s family and maintaining an open and honest relationship with you.

- All of us at Grimm’s Fine Foods


Five Meat Flatbread Pizza

The days are getting cooler and it won’t be long until leaves begin falling. The upcoming long weekend means that at least one day...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Breakfast Recipe, On-the-go, Sausage, Cheese, Breakfast Muffins

We’re 17 days into the New Year which means some of those well-intended resolutions may be starting to slide a little!


Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Stuffing, Gluten Free, Gluten Free Stuffing

For our third and final holiday post, we created a recipe for the main course that introduces a healthier twist to the classic...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Meat and Cheese Platter, Charcuterie, Entertaining

The holiday season is a great opportunity to finally reunite with old friends, family, and loved ones. As a follow up to our last...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Brunch, Breakfast, Sausage Recipes

With the holiday season upon us we have been busy in the kitchen dreaming up recipes to help fill your table with delicious and...

Grimm's, Game Day, Game Day Appetizers, Pepperoni, Recipes, Grimm's Fine Foods

Game Day! Whether you’re a sports fanatic or just like the excuse to get together with friends, chances are you’ve been to or...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipe Blog, Recipe, Soup, Soup Recipe, Spicy Italian Sausage, Italian Soup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We LOVE soup! 

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Sandwich Recipe. Sandwich, Monte Cristo, Honey Ham

Delicious gooey comfort food that's so easy to make. 

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipe Blog, Recipe, Soup, Soup Recipe, Festive Ham, Split Pea and Ham Soup

Last week was Thanksgiving dinner, this week we found a wonderful use for all of those left overs.

Holiday dinners around...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Recipe Blog, Recipe, Soup, Soup Recipe, Canadian Back Bacon

Well, it is officially Fall!
As much as we love the summer months, we look forward to fall every year. 

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This sandwich is a messy one! A gooey fried egg is the delicious glue that holds all the contents together.
Some might think...

Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, BBQ, Backyard BBQ, Grilling, Recipes

One of the best things about summer is being able to eat your meals outside.
It’s great when the days are long and you can...

Low Carb, Sausage, Casserole, Recipes, Vegetables, Ketogenic Diet, Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods

A delicious way to incorporate Brussels sprouts into your diet… yes, we said delicious and Brussels sprouts in the same sentence...

Grimm's Fine Foods, Grimm's, Recipe, Paella, Andouille Sausage, Sausage

Looking for the perfect dish to serve on your patio this summer?
This Paella is bursting with Spanish flavours and pairs...

Roast Beef, Sandwich, Grimm's, Grimm's Fine Foods, Deli Meat, Lunch

This sandwich is loaded with tender and juicy slices of Home Style Roast Beef, fried onions and the unmistakable kick of...