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General ingredients

Ingredients you can trust.

Grimm’s has an exceptional food safety record. We proudly stand behind our great tasting, high quality products and fully disclose all ingredients and nutritional information on every package. Given that we are so upfront about what is in our food, we thought you’d like to know why we add these naturally found ingredients to our products.


We add water to replace the moisture that is lost during the cooking process and keep the meat tender.


It’s the oldest natural preservative known to man. We add the minimum amount necessary to enhance the flavour and texture of our products.


The spices used in Grimm’s family recipes are a closely guarded secret. We will only reveal that we use whole, natural spices such as Pepper, Anise and Coriander in addition to many fresh ingredients that lend a wholesome flavour to our products.

Sodium Phosphate

Phosphates occur naturally in meat but dissipate during the curing process. We simply add it back in to optimize the texture of the meat.

Dextrose/Corn Syrup Solids

We use Dextrose, a naturally found simple sugar, to enhance the flavour and texture of our products. Corn Syrup Solids do the same thing but are less sweet.

Sodium Erythorbate

We use Sodium Erythorbate, which is similar to Vitamin C, to enhance the natural meat appearance.

Sodium Nitrite & Cultured Celery Extract

The purpose of adding sodium nitrite is to inhibit the growth of botulism as well as enhance the natural meat appearance of ham and sausages.  Cultured celery extract is a natural form of nitrite.


We use North American hardwood chips (Alder, Beech and Maple) to naturally smoke all of our products.